Cultural Experiences

Embark on a cultural voyage of exploration and fully immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our world’s diverse cultures with our tailor-made cultural experience holidays. From the vibrant traditions of African tribes to the mystical rituals of India’s ancient temples, our itineraries are designed to bring you intimately closer to the fascinating customs and traditions around the world.

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When you travel to new destinations, you meet new people. And you realise they aren’t just strangers in some far away land – they have their own lives, loves, beliefs, hopes and dreams … just like you!

Cultural holidays help you see places in a different way… in a way that leaves a lasting impression on you and a positive impact on those places after you leave. All you need to take with you is an open mind.

When booking a tailor made holiday, we help you get to know the locals & support communities. From the hotels you stay in to the restaurants where you enjoy authentic food experiences.

Travel is all about broadening the mind and experiencing the culture of a new destination is a highlight of any holiday. Culture can of course include music, crafts, food and sight seeing around Europe or staying in a tribal hut in the African bush or a mountain village in Nepal.

Take time to meet local people wherever you go – talk to them about their way of life and immerse yourself a different environment, visit their houses and meet their families. Food holidays are a great way to experience local culture, whether it’s a cookery school in Italy or a wander round the markets of south east Asia and cooking with the locals.

Spending time with indigenous tribes in particular, is an enriching experience on all levels. It also means that by leaving your luxury resort maybe and travelling off the beaten track, you are contributing to local economy, buying food, drink and supplies from people along the way. There are many great examples of community tourism and conservation efforts all over the world.

When on an African Safari we can suggest the right places to stay where your safari camp will be on community lands, run by local staff and guides and locations that with enrich your stay in many other ways than just watching the wildlife!

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