Whether it’s North Pole or South, the Arctic Circle or an Antarctic Cruise, the polar regions will always deliver an experience of a lifetime. Shimmering glaciers, swathes of noisy chattering penguins, polar bears balancing on giant icebergs, 24 hour daylight (or darkness), Northern (or Southern) Lights and endless possibilities for superb wildlife expeditions. 

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For the ultimate trip of a lifetime ask me about White Desert Adventures.  Fly from Cape Town by private jet to luxury camps on the world’s most southerly continent. 

Polar cruise ships come in many shapes and sizes and depending which parts of the Arctic or Antarctic you are planning to visit, there is something for everyone. Smaller ships (up to 100 passengers) are generally better suited to polar waters as they can get closer to land masses and deploy the smaller zodiacs with ease to offer trekking, kayaking and other activities.

Conservation and Ethical Tourism is the focus on polar charter voyages by natural history operators & expedition boats.
Ask us about the range of options for polar voyages to frozen parts of our planet – you can even join National Geographic Expedition vessels or get involved in conservation initiatives such as Penguin Population Mapping, Polar Bear Studies, the Albatross Campaign or Scott’s Polar Research Institute.

Antarctica is a photographers dream! Follow the paths of penguins as they travel over ice flows. Sit amongst the largest penguin and sea bird colonies in the world.

Penguins are not only confined to polar regions, some are found further north in South America in the warm waters of the Galapagos Islands near the equator. There are also penguins around the southern shores of South Africa near to Cape Town.

The Falklands, South Georgia and the other Southern Ocean islands surrounding Antarctica are also wildlife viewing hotspots.

One of the best places for an Arctic wildlife holiday is Spitsbergen in Norway, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Spitsbergen is an island in the Svalbard archipelago. Travel by large ship for a cruise in the short summer season, or get closer to polar bears from rigid inflatable zodiac boats. For even more of an adventure, watch the bears from kayaks. The cruise season is June to early September and the highest number of Polar Bears are usually seen in late July to early August, usually the period of least ice so ships can get in close.

For a trip of a lifetime to one of the least populated nations on earth, head to Greenland. The main attractions here include dog sledding, whale watching, meeting the Inuit people and adventure snow shoeing and kayaking.

The Northern Lights is high on the top of most travellers wish list. An incredible sight, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen on Earth all around the Northern polar region. From northern Scandinavia, Iceland across Greenland to northern Canada, Alaska and the north coast of Siberia. The easiest place to get to from the UK is northern Norway in the counties of Tromso and Finnmark.

For one of the best Northern Lights experiences, head to Lapland and take a night safari with huskies. Alternatively travel with reindeer deep into the lands of the Sami people. On a four night break you can enjoy a snowmobile safari, husky safari, herd reindeer and trek in the forests.

Falkland Islands

Falklands - King Penguins St Andrews Bay

Falklands Wildlife Holiday

15 days from £4,850pp

Arctic Circle

Northern Lights

3 nights from £1,665pp


Penguins & the South Pole

8 days from £82,000 pp

Norway – Spitsbergen

In Search of Polar Bears

14 days from £11,100 pp

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“Oh my god, what a fantastic holiday we had! Did everything we wanted and more – even got a superb northern lights display. Everything was absolutely spot on. Hotels were superb, people were friendly beyond belief. Really impressed with your knoweledge & choice of itinerary.”

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“It was such an amazing trip everything went like clockwork. The wildlife was fantastic, noises unreal. Monkeys in the trees above the lodges at Tortuguero were mesmerising. Fell in love with Helga the Sloth at Toucan Rescue Ranch!”

Denise & Carl – Costa Rica

“Thank you for a fabulous tailor-made holiday, your knowledge of East Africa was second to none. Highlights included summiting Kilimanjaro, Tarangire National Park & Ngorongoro Crater.”

James H – Tanzania

“Our wish list and expectations were completely understood. It was such a magical trip, every single detail was perfect. It’s hard to pick a highlight because we loved every second!”

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