Types of Holiday

Types of holidays around the world – contact us for expert advice!

Which type of holiday to chose is always a tricky question! To help narrow down the massive choice of holidays around the world for you, we have filtered our lovely travel experiences into different holiday ‘types’.  Most of the time the ‘type’ or ‘theme’ of holiday is obvious if for example it’s a honeymoon or an African Safari.  But often what you are looking for could be found in several categories!

You could also be looking for a ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ type of destination, in which case have a look at our ‘natural world’ types of holiday, such as ‘deserts‘ or ‘jungles‘.  Wildlife and Natural History holidays can also be family holidays or honeymoons too, so there is always a lot of synergy between these types of holiday.

Have a browse, or use our holiday finder above in the search filter to help you find your dream holiday.  If at any point you are just spoilt for choice, please contact us and we can do the searching for you and have a chat to find out about your personal requirements – that’s what we are here for!