Violet & Craig – Iceland (March 2022)

Jules has again provided us with outstanding customer service. She has thoroughly prepared a bespoke itinerary for my partner’s special 50th birthday trip to Iceland. She has kept us informed of all the options, changes, necessary documents and rules for our trip all the time.  Including the challenge of a change of accommodation with days to go due to a winter storm destroying the yurt accommodation which had been booked and moving us to a farm stay!  We feel valued customers of Travel With Jules.

There is nothing to improve, just keep doing the excellent job you’re doing, thank you so much and wishing you many happy customers! Iceland is a land of outstanding beauty. It’s not easy to pick our favourites, because we enjoyed every moment of our stay there.

The area of the Golden Circle is definitely truly magnificent, as well as the capital Reykjavik.

We loved our walks in this beautiful city admiring the colourful houses which reminded us of Duplo blocks or the hotels from a game of Monopoly 🙂 We loved the urban street art there, as well.

We were absolutely astonished during Fly Over Iceland experience and would recommend it to everybody. Our visit to the Blue Lagoon was also an unforgettable experience. Another magical walk was to see the Bruarfoss Waterfall. We fell in love with Iceland and will definitely go back there again.

OMG it was amazing, Iceland is incredibly beautiful, peaceful and just awe-inspiring ! Thank you again for this trip. We loved every minute of it. The farm was really really nice, however the room was a sauna, we kept lowering the temperature down and still we kept the window open. The heating was under the floor so it was wonderful to walk on it. But of course it was great to know we will not be cold inside.

We didn’t see Aurora Borealis sadly, few nights it was because the sky was not clear enough and the one night that it was on we went to bed and found out it came out just half an hour later from the girl on the farm so we missed it! 

As for Blue Lagoon even though we heard it’s kinda touristy we still loved it, it was really amazing, too. We heard Sky Lagoon is a great place, as well, but we decided on the Blue Lagoon.

The drive from the Golden Circle to Blue Lagoon on Sunday with the vastness of white all over us (the road included) was one of the top experiences, too. And the Bruarfoss walk which was just 2km or so from the farm was incredibly beautiful.

And yes, Iceland is expensive but …. it was ALL WORTH IT and we will be back.