Tony, Ben, Lee & Benjamin – California & Vegas (April 2015)

We returned home on Sunday night from our American adventure, safe and sound … well maybe a few sore heads and damaged liver but time is a healer 🙂  I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and assistance throughout the booking for what will be a trip the 4 of us will never forget. We had a whale of a time, with no issues at any of our hotels, no questions raised about 4 in a room anywhere, smooth collection and drop of the car. Our rooms were impeccable at each destination. We had some glorious views, especially Morro Bay which was amazing and somewhere I would highly recommend to anyone. We were fortunate enough to have a full bay view and in a recently refurbished room. I think our charming Essex accents assisted us, the Americans seemed to love our accent and look after us wherever we were!!

I’ll be certain to give you a call on my next venture. Better take the wife away next time (!) think I’ll take her back to New York in the summer.