Eclipse in Tanzania & Selous Safari – Mr & Mrs R (Sept 2016)

Thank you for all your hard work in putting together our tailor made holiday to Tanzania which incorporated some time in Dar es Salaam, the Eclipse, safari in Selous and a rest on Zanzibar at the end.  Accommodation throughout was at least very good, sometimes really excellent. Kimbililo Lodge on the coast was very simple accommodation but we loved it. Jamal made us extremely welcome and they served wonderful seafood. The Old Boma hotel at Mikandani gave excellent service – one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in anywhere in the world

Hassan our guide (from Tent With A View) was first class and very helpful. The camps and hotels were nearly all empty (except the Old Boma) so we did feel a little isolated and lonely at times. The highlight was the eclipse! As we got into position deep in the heart of rural Tanzania, locals appeared from the bushes in all directions on motorbikes and bicycles, the professional Astronomer guides were really lovely letting everyone look through their telescopes.  Wildlife in Selous was disappointing, it was very dry and hard to see much, however we did see two lion kills on successive days – the vultures gave the game away as to where to find them – wildebeest first, Cape Buffalo second. We were a bit worried on the boat in Selous when the outboard broke down and Hassan started to dismantle it. Nobody in sight, no mobile phone reception and lake too deep to pole! Crocs and hippos everywhere – but we survived the adventure!! The Bush Rover camping was fun … for one night! A bit athletic for the over 70s!

Other highlights included The Old Boma hotel and our visit to the Kindwitwi Leper colony which was very moving (we had sponsored them for many years); the kindergarten had prepared for our arrival and sang a wonderful song. We had taken small gifts – pencils, writing books, tooth brushes etc but the great success was balloons they all got one! Selous Wilderness Camp was really good. They have access via a boat which is exciting but were you to stay there a few days and do safaris from there you might find the repeated river crossing a little time consuming.

All in all a very successful and enjoyable trip!