Sue Hall – New York (March 2012)

I have been to New York many times before and most times have organised myself.  After a few abortive attempts to find flights, I decided to use the services of a travel consultant and I am very glad I picked Travel with Jules.  Not only was Julie able to get me the direct flights I wanted on the days I wanted which I had not been able to do, she was also wonderfully efficient in providing information regarding hotel information using the criteria I had given her. Instead of trawling the net for days, I only had half a dozen sites to look at which she had narrowed it down to in order to make my decision – bliss!

Invoicing and payments all sorted very efficiently and on top of all this, I got points on my Co-op Divi card – result or what!  When the tickets and information pack came through, there was nothing forgotten.  Reminders about insurance, ESTAs/visas, currency, passport and heaps of info on the destination too.  I can heartily recommend Julie’s work, nothing is too much trouble for her and she seemed to be available 24/7 too!