Sarah Legg – St Lucia (May 2016)

All I can say is AWESOME!!!!!! The staff and other visitors at The Body Holiday were so friendly, I didn’t feel uncomfortable as a solo traveller (after the first fifteen minutes of watching others obviously!) at all. The hosted communal evening meals were lively, friendly, interesting discussions with perfect strangers, several of whom I subsequently spent meal times with. The spa was fantastic, and although I didn’t spend extra I could easily have done so if my budget had permitted. The classes were plentiful and if I had more energy (it is hot to be running!) I would have taken part in more. As it was I did snorkelling, aquafit, foam rolling, swimming and had intended to do scuba but got and aeroplane/air con cold, and paddle boarding but there were jelly fish that day. The service was fantastic, the staff were friendly and I will definitely be looking to travel there again.

I spent a large amount of the holiday sun bathing having drinks brought to me on the floating platforms or at my beach bed so it was not that energetic! I would also like to say thank you for putting me on to such a wonderful spot and I would love it if more places were so open to solo travellers and accommodating to different needs. All in all I would score it 10 out of 10! Please let me know if I can offer any more feed back…I have been suggesting friends and colleagues go ever since I came back and have been dropping the name Travel With Jules in at every opportunity too!

Photos courtesy of Sarah Legg