Sarah & Jeremy – USA mid west (June 2019)

The whole holiday was arranged perfectly. All of the national and state parks were amazing. Highlights included the steam train from Durango to Silverton and the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.

After two false starts due to unforeseen circumstances we finally got to do another road trip in the USA! We didn’t choose the most straight forward route but after the initial brief with Mags she once again came up trumps.  Arriving into Las Vegas we got off to a bubbly start with our lovely gift from Travel With Jules!

We saw desert landscapes in Utah, Rocky snow capped mountains in Colorado, the vast plains of Wyoming and Nebraska, also taking a detour to four corners!

The wildlife was amazing, to see herds of bison casually sauntering across the road in Custer state park in South Dakota truly was a sight to see, with our final destination being Mount Rushmore ( it is a lot bigger than you can imagine!)

This is our 4th holiday arranged by Jules and Mags and we can honestly say we wouldn’t trust anyone else.

BELOW ARE SARAH’S “TALES FROM A TRAVELLING BALLOON” … it went everywhere from mountain peaks to just above sea level, rode on a train, hiked through canyons and even watched a baseball game before a final audience with the presidents!

We really love the ‘big foot’ warning sign!