Nick Holman & family – Tuscany Villa (July 2018)

From the very first meeting to discuss our travel needs and requirements, Jules and Mags found us the ideal holiday and listened to all our needs. The service provided was professional and very friendly. They communicated at every step of the way. What more could one ask for?
The travel arrangements meant that it was trouble free from door to door. The villa was luxurious. I think though that if I went again at this time of year I would consider air conditioning, at least in the bedrooms. I can’t wait to return to Tuscany, but I need to save up first!
Jules and Mags are very friendly and completely professional, Nothing was too much trouble, they listened to our requirements and needs. They delivered 100%. Why would you book yourself when these wonderful people are there to do it for you? Trouble and hassle free.

The overnight hotel in Rome was lovely. The best bit was waking in the night because I was chilly and not dripping with perspiration, ha ha… Rome is a delightful city, but maybe not in July. And as for the ‘looky lookies’ (buy this, buy that). The authorities need to act as they were particularly intrusive and when you have hot sweaty kids grumbling, the last thing i wanted is someone trying to sell me socks, (yes socks) or real fake Gucci. We purchased Vatican City tickets the previous day and managed to get in as it opened, meaning that we were ahead of the guided tours, which also meant we had an uninterrupted and pleasant view of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We opted for a guided tour of the Colosseum as this allowed us to queue jump. Surprisingly the girls really enjoyed that. One restaurant we visited in Rome, lovely food and wine, as expected quite pricey which was okay, however the waiter wouldn’t let us leave until we had left a cash tip!

I would certainly suggest anyone visiting Rome, Pisa or Florence to purchase tickets for attractions before they travel, the same to be said for rail tickets, about half the price of those on sale on the day. (Don’t tell anyone, but Bolognia was a real treasure and seemingly undiscovered!). Lucca a joy, Sienna a delight, San Gimignano sadly just a tourist town, my recommendation for there is to view it from afar! Florence still my favourite city, even or maybe especially in a thunder storm, Pisa always surprises, the tower is one of those places to see again and again and it still takes your breath away. My very best wishes and thank you again.