Naomi Delorme – Zambia (Feb – March 2016)


The entire service from start to end has been exceptional, clear and straightforward with Travel With Jules. From deciding where to go and all through the booking, to asking questions, to flying, to the actual travelling and all the way back home has been so smooth and without a single fault. Thank you!

The entire trip and booking process has been a highlight! From talking to Jules on the phone trying to decide where to go to finding out the actual experience was exactly as she described it would be. Wildlife, nature, good weather, friendly welcomes…fantastic food… perfect flights… everything!

My trip to Zambia and South Luangwa has been exceptional. I’ve had the time of my life and as you predicted- I most definitely want to go back! The first thing I noticed when I landed was the smell of Africa… wow! How can I describe it? If you’ve ever been to Kew Gardens tropical greenhouses in London then think of this, combined with the smell of earth, heat, bitter cut weeds, grass, a slight hint of zoos (in the bush you can actually smell where the lions have been!), sunshine, mixed with occasional wafts of mint, lavender and Moringa and you’ll be on the right tracks.

Going to Zambia in the Emerald season is a delight. And despite also being called the Rainy Season its definitely not very rainy! The river was very low. In fact it was so low our boat often came to a rather jolting stop when it hit the river bed on more than one occasion! Anyway, the bush was abundant, lush, overflowing and much to my surprise… very tropical. It certainly takes a lot more skill and knowledge to find animals in the Emerald season as they have plenty of places to hide, but with such knowledgeable guides such as Innocent and Shaddy this wasn’t a problem. I saw lions, a leopard, a Pel’s fishing owl, elephant families galore, giraffes, hippos a plenty, zebra, impala, large groups of wild dogs, crocodiles, insects… the list just goes on.

And the most magic thing of all is the fact I know in my 10 day trip I merely scratched the surface of what this special place has to offer. The passion of the local men and woman who work at Norman Carr Safaris is addictive (Naomi stayed at Chinzombo and Kakuli Camp), and they’ve most certainly passed that passion onto me. I cant wait to one day go back to get to know this incredible part of the world a little better.

I will definitely be recommending your services and will be in touch right now about another trip very soon! 


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