Mr & Mrs King – Azores (May 2018)

I gave Jules a brief of the sort of holiday we wanted and what we hoped to see. I was quite specific in that we wanted to see whales and we wanted to be part of a small group, small group not to be larger than 15 and not less than about 8. Jules gave me a couple of options, I chose the Exodus option of Whale watching in The Azores and I have to say I felt very well looked after by Travel With Jules. Would certainly recommend them to anybody searching for a particular type of getaway.

Highlights included Whales, whales, whales! We saw Blue whales, Fin whales and Sperm whales all as close as is comfortable for the whales. We also saw a pod of Common dolphins who became bow runners with the catamaran that we were in and also got a special display from a pod of Bottlenose dolphins including acrobatics…brilliant!  We came by a Loggerhead turtle and also a couple of Portuguese men of war which apparently the Loggerhead turtles feed on. That would have been a good shot but unfortunately the two didn’t meet while we were watching.

Many Cory Shearwaters were seen floating or skimming the sea and late one evening a marine biologist took us to the the Cory nesting sites so we could hear their unique calls as they returned from the ocean to their nests at night. On that point, as well as a very good local guide who spoke perfect English with us all the time we often had scientists/marine biologists with us who use tourism to help fund their research, brilliant. Any questions easily answered. As well as the marine adventures we were taken to various geothermal places on the islands where we could swim in hot pools, always a winner. We were shown calderas that were the result of the previous volcanoes.