Mr & Mrs B – Rugby World Cup Japan (Oct 2019)

A great holiday to Japan to see the rugby and experience the country. We were well looked after beforehand with helpful advice on things to do and what to take and buy! The trip went smoothly with no hitches. Hotels excellent and travel and trips well balanced and organised. Our Tour Managers and local guide excellent too. The small group meant we got to know everyone and it made the holiday. Sharing sport is always good and it built a good rapport in the group. As for Japan it didn’t disappoint and left us wanting more.

Great organisation ahead of the holiday. The information, guides and maps from Travel With Jules were all very helpful particularly for planning. The call with Mags beforehand reviewing our itinerary and trips was very useful. Her advice was spot on and borne out when we were there, particularly on places to visit or not worry about seeing, what to buy or not to buy and what to wear!

The rugby was the highlight – of course! Seeing England beat New Zealand and make the final will live with us forever.

Japan is an amazing country and lived up to expectations. Our overriding highlights are the people who are so friendly, helpful, polite and respectful. The usual tourist spots were interesting and emotional – Hiroshima and Hakone especially.

We loved Kyoto, the bullet train and heated toilets, outside vending machines which dispense cold and hot drinks, dressed up dogs (and people), plastic food displays, umbrella bags and bag stands. The cleanliness and safety left us thinking we have a lot to learn from Japan. Definitely a country we want to go back to. There is lots to see and experience.