Long family – Thailand (July 2013)

We are back …..  Jet lagged but in love with Phuket & Thailand.  And very, very brown!  Angsana Laguna was amazing …. Kids club amazing and beach so quiet we had it to ourselves, which was brilliant. The elephants rocked!  (Elephant Hills) Lovely people, lovely food …. Fascinating culture.  Monty now says two phrases with confidence in Thai and hopes to use them again in the future!.  Fascinated me how many Asian women rushed to us on the beach to have a photo with my blonde children!  What was great (and perhaps even better than the life long memories of meeting elephants, baby elephants and tigers up close) is the discovery that our family do enjoy just being on a beautiful beach together and for the first time, we enjoyed a relaxed pace and a true break.  So refreshing and something which we didn’t realise we needed until we were given it!

Thanks for everything you did this time round Jules.  We have been so fortunate to visit amazing places in the past – but this (and the consensus of all) was the holiday to top all holidays.  I didn’t think anything would match Sydney and this did!   Kindest regards from a tired but very happy Long family