Kristen, Julia and Mimi Busch-Hansen – USA (Oct 2015)

Here’s a few words from our WONDERFUL trip to Western USA to say thank you to Mags and Jules for your fantastic help with our holiday. Your suggested changes to my itinerary were, without exception, the best changes and I’m glad that we took your advice. I’m also very very glad that I did not have to do all that organising – booking hotels, trying to make reservations at restaurants that just don’t want to plan ahead, arranging the car… even in some unpromising places like Kingman everything was good quality. And, above all, thank you for dealing with the only real problem so quickly (and effortlessly for us). I know that you said “there are always problems with trips to the States” but we do appreciate the work you put in to solve a problem that was not of your creation and should have been solved by the supplier!  Thank you both for making a very successful holiday for Julia and my mother (despite the rocks – which guaranteed that I was happy!!).

Thanks, Jules and Magsie, for your thoughtful suggestions, for your hard work making all the bookings, for fixing our one problem while we slept, for finding us more time to do more, and for saving us money. It was truly a holiday of a lifetime. … can we have more than one holiday of a lifetime? (See testimonial)

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