Jimmy & Claire – Reunion Honeymoon (April 2015)

We approached Travel With Jules when we were trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon, we wanted somewhere that had a mix of rainforest and volcanoes, beaches and activities. We were considering Costa Rica and Bali when Jules and Mags suggested Reunion Island … I’m so glad we went with their suggestion – we have never seen anywhere quite like it and it was somewhere we had never heard of (neither had many of our friends!). Our Indian Ocean honeymoon was simply amazing and each place we stayed was unique. Diana Dea Lodge in the mountains had spectacular views over the jungle and the Indian Ocean and had an alpine lodge feeling, then we drove through waterfall covered canyons and across old lava flows to the village of St Philippe and stayed at the lovely Villa Belle Guesthouse which was a very homely spot in a garden paradise hidden within the town – quite surreal with koi ponds and giant tortoises roaming around! We ended with a stay on the beach at Lux where we could enjoy the safe coral lagoon and even had a close encounter with a sea turtle – all the accommodation was really great.

The only thing we found a little difficult was that hardly anyone spoke English and we don’t speak French! However, this was not really a problem, we managed fine – the island is geared to tourism but only really to French tourists as it seems most people in the UK (like us!), didn’t know anything about Reunion.

Anyone thinking of travelling to Reunion should just go! We can’t recommend it highly enough – and make sure you get Travel With Jules to book it for you! 🙂