Jenny & David Stagg – Mexico (Nov 2018)

Jenny and David had planned to visit Mexico in the Spring but had to delay events due to moving house … they were very ready for their long awaited holiday by the time November arrived! 

We wanted to go and see the Mayan ruins for a long time and have so enjoyed finally managing to do it, thanks to Jules patience with us having to keep changing dates due to house move! Can’t believe any other agent would have been so accommodating. Chichen Itza was terrific, though personally, would have preferred the atmosphere without all the traders. On to Uxmal which, though far less known, was our favourite and the pyramid is taller than Chichen Itza! Three other sites, time in the jungle and, finally on the Caribbean beach. Lovely … thanks again, Jules.

Arrived safely, eventually! First hotel basic but fine. Only problem proximity of the very busy road. Needs money spending on it, but don’t they all! Driver / guide from Mayan Heritage, Raoul, was terrific. Good English, good company and informative. Also good driver.

At Casa Don Gustavo they upgraded us! Good position in the centre of the old town. Changed driver now, Axel from Edzna was fine, good English and helpful at the next hotel. 

Explorian Kohunlích hotel was pleasant surprise. (with a ‘help yourself’ free bar – below!) Friendly, efficient, good room, great food for an all inclusive, trips included in price.

Last hotel Rosa del Viente. Fine, good large room, pleasant staff and, especially down the bottom of this mad road in Tulum! Dave’s app reckons we have walked c. 43 miles in total so we off home for a rest!!