Imogen & Den – Zambia & Malawi Wedding (Sept 2015)


We have had the best time and it does not seem possible that this time last week we were travelling home! There is so much to say – and it is difficult to know where to start. There are so many things to talk about, people, places, animals, landscape and just the experience of trying to be sensible in unfamiliar airports!

The safari aspect in South Luangwa was so many things educational, enchanting, exciting, fun, social, silent – the list could go on for ever…. the light was incredible, continuously transforming the landscape, and different vegetation and earth smells rising and falling with the heat of the day, and the cooler evenings; hippos talking to each other through the night, whilst the hyenas whooped and the lions rumbled away. Bush TV is always on!


We enjoyed all the camps with RPS, thinking that each one was the best thing until we had experienced the next. The social eating aspect, which I thought might be an issue, turned-out to be highly entertaining, and a valuable element in ‘group-bonding’. The staff were kind, helpful and extremely professional and efficient. Having a highly structured day kept us in a state of readiness to be timely and organised.

Kaya Mawa on Lake Malawi was beautiful, relaxed and easy-going and a wonderful place for the second week; it really did not matter that we were unable get to Mozambique due to the weather! It was difficult to believe that we were living beside a land locked lake, the waves came in like Atlantic rollers – Scarborough on a windy winters day!  Kaya Mawa at breakfast time was beautiful …. everything took on a palette of pastel pinks and blues after the earthy colours of Zambia…


I think we must have got caught in a time warp as the time seemed to stretch away into the distance. Thank you so much for suggesting Zambia and Malawi to us in the first place and organising everything, including the unique wedding ceremony in South Luangwa!