Hedditch Family – Helsinki & Lapland (Dec 2013)

Our holiday was absolutely brilliant, thank you! My Dad says it was the best holiday of his life, and he is 78. Helsinki was a good city break – the kids went skating on the Railway Station Square Ice Rink, and I must say the Hotel Torni was really good.  Helsinki was nice enough but the Nellim Lapland experience was something else – really special.  The activities were great and you cannot underestimate how good the boots and overclothes they provide are. They really looked after the kids and my parents.  The lakeside cabin at Nellim is basic, but has everything you need and has a small lounge with a decent size sofa, and television.  Believe it or not, mobile phone reception is every bit as good as home in the cabin!  And yes, they do come and get you to take you to the main lodge and drop you off whenever you want. Food was much better than expected – great effort from a small kitchen and we all looked forward to meal times a lot!

Finally, we did see the Northern Lights – a small 10 minute very low key showing on our first night, and then what I understand was an average decent showing on our second night.  Not spectacular, but amazing for us all the same!  It lasted over an hour and we all saw them.  I would recommend Nellim to anyone – they look after you brilliantly and we didn’t want to leave. The thing that struck me is that everything is done properly.  On the huski dog sledding safari, you get 5 or 6 huskies for your sled (not two, like we had on a skiing holiday in Italy, so we ended up walking a lot!).  On the snowmobile adventure the machines are unbelievably good, and we went about 9 kilometres out into the lake).  The toboggan run for the kids is about 75 metres long and they have lots of sledges.  So thank you very much and I’ll be in touch for our next holiday!