Georgie & Michael – Kerala Walking (Feb 2015)

From the moment Shabeeb,our Indian guide, met us at Kochi Airport we knew we were going to have fun! He had lots of personality, was alert, looked after everyone and had excellent leadership skills. We were a group of 8, which everyone thought was perfect, and made us into a team all getting on well. The trek was the highlight and we all would have liked to have done more walking. Camping well organised and we were extremely well fed. Then for a relax at the end of the group trip, Turtle Beach was lovely, they had a delightful butterfly garden and a wonderful beach with sun loungers under Palm trees. Swimming was fabulous.

Everyone we met in India was friendly and welcoming. No hassle from people trying to sell us things!  Shabeeb obviously works with a very good company, everything well worked out and from what he said the “boss” must have great integrity.

We loved our “adventure” in Kerala and returned home feeling quite happy! Thank you for finding this group trip and introducing us to a walking holiday.