Geoff & Janette Robinson – India (Feb 20)

We met with Jules when we started planning our holiday to India, which was to be a trip down memory lane to re-visit places I had grown up – we appreciated the detailed planning process during which we were able to say exactly what we wanted. We were given lots of options and a suggested itinerary that we were able to make changes to, incorporating the places we wanted to visit and working out the logistics with the team in India.

We stayed in a variety of different hotels and experienced various forms of transport and absolutely everything went according to plan. We were looked after very well by each local representative, guide and driver.

The few things that went wrong were outside Travel with Jules jurisdiction – a bit of delhi-belly, snowed off in Shimla, an attempted attack by a pair of monkeys, dive bombed by a hawk, Covid 19 virus!

For me, the highlight was revisiting where I had grown up and trying to find those places of so long ago – unfortunately because of Covid 19 we were unable to enter inside any of the places we found – this only means that I have to return again in 2021 or 2022!

I did not anticipate the emotion I felt when we landed in India and then later to return to Calcutta. I felt so at home with the noise, the traffic, the people… All our guides were fantastic.

For Geoff the highlights were the Taj Mahal and Shahpurha where we experienced the rural heart of Rajasthan.