Eleni & Richard – Christmas in Lapland (Dec 2019)

We were very pleased with your booking service and suggestions on destinations and locations in Lapland. We liked the fact that you took a genuine interest in what we wanted and followed up with various tailored options that matched our requests.

The entire trip to Muotka in Finnish Lapland was very good. The husky riding was great, one suggestion I would make is to ask for blankets for the passenger as you can certainly feel the cold despite given winter overalls.

Skiing, snow shoeing, reindeer sled were all great experiences and well organised. All the guides were great and very helpful. One aspect that could not be helped was seeing the aurora, unfortunately we did not see the Northern lights. The aurora by camp experience was nice but as we were not able to see the aurora that was slightly disappointing otherwise it would be have been one of the best experiences. The aurora by car was our least favourite as we were in a forest for around 2 hours with not much to see as the aurora was not showing.

On arrival at Ivalo we were greeted by our bus driver almost immediately, within 15 minutes we were all ready to go to our hotels and cabins. At Muotka we were greeted by the hotel manager who outlined our list of activities for the next few days and were given our keys.

What was interesting was that we had to pick up a sled to transport our suitcases to our first designated stop (these are commonly used as easier to pull on the snow than a wheeled vehicle!) first night we stayed in a glass igloo where we had a clear view of the sky and stars.

We could not wait to get out and play with the snow so we took advantage of the hotels sleds which you could pick up and use in one of the dedicated areas near by. The following day we were up early and enjoyed a wholesome breakfast at the wooden cabin which had a wood stove blazing throughout the day.

Our first activity was husky mushing which we thoroughly enjoyed. You had the option of swapping drivers mid way through the experience so both individuals had the option to take the drivers seat whilst the other enjoyed the views through a comfortable seat on the sledge.

After the experience we were able to spend time with the huskies and also visited the puppies in the nearby pen. Before heading back to the hotel, we were offered a hot soup , drink and biscuits in the cabin where you had the chance to warm up.

We would definitely recommend snowmobiling as one of the activities to experience whilst in Finland driving through the remote wildness and the trees leaden with snow was exhilarating.

As far as the eye could see, the landscape and tree canopies covered with snow was a unique experience which resembled those found on the back of a postcard.

Muotka Lapland

Muotka Lapland