Anna Alcalde-Mills – Greece, Kefalonia (May 2016)

We have just returned from our second holiday booked through Travel With Jules. This time we went to the beautiful island of Kefalonia, a place we would had not considered if Jules had not suggested it. As always her ideas were great and we were able to have a very unique holiday. Thank you for finding this lovely family holiday for us – it was great, really enjoyed it! Everything was great as usual. The location was perfect, a beautiful setting not too commercial. It felt Greek and not ‘England with sun’! We loved being able to discover the island at leisure, this was the best part of our holiday. The information we received in advance (booking pack with maps, leaflets) was extremely helpful and we used these to make decisions on where to go. 

In the past, when we have booked beach holidays, we felt constricted, everything was very impersonal and extremely commercial. We like to feel free to discover places and experience life as close to the locals as possible. Jules and Mags were able to find a location that felt unique, we were able to buy fruit from the local markets as well as having meals in different places that offered local fresh food and wine. Kefalonia is full of contrasts and we were able to cover most of the island in 7 days. I have always been an independent traveller booking the holidays by myself as I found it was the only way to get what I wanted, however with Jules, I have found she has a great understanding of what customers need and since she organised our USA road trip last year I have not considered the DIY option any more. Jules and Mags managed to find a perfect holiday again, within the budget, leaving the time for me to plan what I want to do during the holiday. The maps and leaflets provided by Jules added to the excitement. We are in the process to book our next holiday with Travel With Jules again next year, I think that says it all.