World Wildlife Day!

Support World Wildlife Day and book a safari holiday to Africa!

Today 3rd March, is World Wildlife Day, the theme is ‘The future of wildlife is in our hands’.

Tourism to Africa contributes much needed money, a good portion of which goes towards funding the fight against poaching and enhancing the lifestyles of the local people, making it less necessary for them to hunt the indigenous wildlife.

Travel With Jules via our African contacts (and Jules’ background in zoology) is committed to conservation, and we support partners such as the Born Free Foundation, Save The Elephants and the Jane Goodall Institute (to name a few) to promote the continued survival and advancement of Africa’s wildlife. We care, not only because our industry relies on wildlife, but also because we have seen first hand the damage that has been done already over the last 50 years on the African continent. We know that action must be taken now to ensure that the wildlife we love is there forever.


Here are just some suggestions of African Safaris where your money really does help protect the wildlife and help local communities.  Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu is home to Saba Douglas-Hamilton and her family where they work with Save The Elephants and Ewaso Lions. Tent With A View in Tanzania support the local Turtle Protection projects and have a conservation and education centre where they teach the local children about the predators in Saadani and other local conservation issues. In South Luangwa, Zambia many safari companies support local schools, educating the children about wildlife and employing families from the local village, they also support anti-poaching patrols in the national park. Visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda and your permit money goes directly to anti-poaching patrols and protecting the gorillas in the Virunga Mountains. 

Gorilla baby Rwanda

In the Indian Ocean, several Seychelles islands are natural reserves and Mauritius is home to many endangered species protection projects, particularly for birds such as the Pink Pigeon and Mauritius Kestrel.  In Arabia, you can stay at Al Maha Desert Camp which works with the Al Ain Desert Conservation project and supported re-introductions of Arabian Oryx. 

By booking your holiday to Africa with us, you are helping in the fight to protect some of the most endangered species on earth from extinction. We only work with fully bonded tour operators and use ground agents and safari companies who support the local communities and wildlife preservation organisations. We know where your money is going! Here are more reasons to book your holidays with us. 

We also work with Naturetrek who specialise in wildlife holidays, both tailor made or group tours around the world and feature many destinations which focus on wildlife conservation. 

Contact us now on 01728 748209, use the live chat or send an enquiry for your African Safari or other natural history holiday to help support World Wildlife Day!