Where, when & how can I travel again?

Travel Advice from Industry Professionals

Travel With Jules has professional affiliations who update us multiple times a day as to the latest changes in travel restrictions. 

Travel Restrictions & procedures

ABTA & ATTA update us several times each week with specific country advice, including where borders are open or closed, domestic & international flights are operating, any local curfews or restrictions & most importantly any requirements for entry testing and quarantine guidelines. 

We also receive multiple daily updates from FCDO, Embassies & visa companies worldwide.

Travel in 2020

As at November 2020

Since the first lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic early in 2020, travel restrictions around the world have caused chaos.  Prior to Covid, FCDO (ex FCO) would issue travel advisories based on the assessment of safety on a destination specific basis. 

UK Govt has imposed a ‘blanket’ worldwide travel ban since the Spring and this, sadly, is still in place.  Then at the beginning of summer ‘quarantine on arrival to the UK’ was imposed … (months too late, as our borders were never closed!).  Following this, ‘travel corridors’ were invented with countries having a low level of ‘cases’ of Covid (20 per 100,000 inhabitants to start with) being on the ‘corridor’ list, meaning on return from these countries you were exempt from having to quarantine for 14 days in the UK. 

Then over summer 2020, countries were taken off and put back on to the travel corridor, each week feeling like a game of hokey cokey…resulting in cancellations through to the end of the year.

Here we are at the end of 2020 and the situation is (currently November) worse than ever, during lockdown no one is allowed to leave the UK (except for business).  Flights are operating at a minimum and the ‘list’ of where you can actually go without having to either quarantine on arrival in your destination, on return to the UK, or without the need for a negative Covid test, is at an all time low … 


It is not all doom and gloom. We have to believe that airport testing and a vaccine will give hope to enable us to travel again in 2021.  We also hope for the FCDO removal of blanket travel bans … after all, many destinations are pretty much Covid free and have the correct protocols in place to protect visitors, they are not war zones! 

What about testing and travel insurance?

Navigating the minefield of questions about where to travel to and the entry requirements is confusing for anyone (even within the travel industry!), so don’t worry yourself sorting through conflicting travel advice on the internet! 

When you enquire, or book a trip with us, we will go through all the requirements surrounding testing, local restrictions and Covid safe policies for hotels, airlines and more. We will guide you through the minefield of travel insurance and make sure you don’t leave home without the necessary precautions. 

What if I need to travel to a destination currently advised against on the FCDO advisory list?

We can put you in touch with a travel insurance provider who covers destinations around the world which are on the FCDO list. 

We offer a bespoke, personal travel service

We are your troubleshooters and are there for you every step of your journey, more so now than ever before!