What the ‘Traffic Lights’ mean for travellers

Can we travel outside of the UK this summer?

This is the question everyone needs an answer to. Our bruised and battered travel industry has been calling on the Government since last summer to create a safe and clear way to re-start international travel ….

Having spent the last 14 months cancelling, refunding and re-booking all of our clients holidays we are keener than anyone to actually get travel moving!

However, the latest ‘fly in the ointment’ from the Global Travel Task Force via Government is the ludicrous costs of testing …  it seems very odd that if airports have already had free rapid testing in place around the world for a year, why the UK is only just trying to implement this now! 

It’s probably like the high cost of quarantine in airport hotels (did you know that the hotels involved get paid £50 a day the rest goes straight to the Government? ) & it seems impossible to control or enforce …

We also await clarification of how vaccination certificates could impact on requirements.  We really do hope that as vaccinations in the UK (and in many other parts of the world) have now been given to the majority of the population, that having been vaccinated should surely mean you don’t have to keep testing and quarantining? 

The travel industry is pleading with Government not to revert to the chaotic and ever changing hokey cokey of last summer …. it’s time for clarity and giving people back the right to decide for themselves on any tiny risks involved in leaving the UK … After being locked into this country for well over a year now, we are all itching for a break!

Another frustration for Travel With Jules is that the Government and media seem fixated on European beach holidays and most of our clients travel further afield, with scheduled airlines (who also need notice to restart). 

Holidays we have booked (or should I say re-booked!) to travel this summer include destinations as remote and adventurous as Spitzbergen, Greenland & Zambia … all of which have excellent Covid protocols, natural and wild social distancing and are far safer than the UK has ever been! 

Remote, wild & safe destinations are our specialist subject!





So .. whilst I struggle to get my head around the latest in a year of confusing challenges, here is a post explaining what the ‘traffic lights’ mean … 


Update following Global Travel Task Force announcement

via TTG 9 April 2021 

The “traffic lights” system for reopening international travel has been revealed. But what do the three categories – green, amber and red – mean for holidaymakers?

The chart below gives details on what they have to do in terms of testing and quarantine when returning to England under the three categories:


The next key date will be in early May when the government reveals whether destinations will be given green, amber or red designations.

There will also be a green “watchlist” for those destinations in danger of moving into the more restricted amber category.

“It is too early to say which countries will be in the green category this summer. These decisions will be driven by the data and evidence at the time,” said the government’s Global Travel Taskforce.

“The UK government will set out an assessment of which countries will fall into each category ahead of reopening international travel [from 17 May at the earliest].

“People are, of course, free to book holidays abroad in the summer but for the moment the government must advise that until the picture is clearer there is a continuing risk of disappointment.”