We are working with Naturetrek!

Jules used to work for Naturetrek, a specialist Natural History & Wildlife tour operator based in Hampshire.  She worked on their Africa tours and visited Ethiopia during her time with them before heading back to her first love Africa and working with them again, receiving Naturetrek guests as a ground agent working for Wilderness Safaris in Malawi and ZambiaNaturetrek-tm-brochure-cove

Travel With Jules continues to grow and we are about to have our 5th anniversary!  We are constantly striving to work with more niche tour operators and ground suppliers around the world to provide a tailor made service to our clients.  Natural History and Wildlife holidays are a passion for Jules and many regular clients also want to join like minded travellers to see endemic species and visit spectacular national parks and wild areas around the world.  


Naturetrek are AITO tour operators and Travel With Jules is an ‘AITO Specialist Agent’ (like the James Bond equivalent of travel agents!!). However, Naturetrek do not normally sell through travel agents and have now agreed that we can work alongside them again, booking any of their huge range of wildlife holidays for our lovely clients! 

This is very exciting as until now, we have only had a small handful of operators offering very specialist birding or natural history tours.  So if you would like more details about any of Naturetreks huge portfolio of tours, please get in touch and we can help you decide which holiday to book first! 

Naturetrek offer both group escorted specialist tours and tailor made holidays and as ABTA travel agents we can also tailor your holiday to include any variations on flights or combining a Naturetrek tour with other tailor made travel arrangements too. 

Many of their trips feature on ‘wildlife bucketlist holidays‘ such as Gorilla Trekking, seeing Shoebills in Uganda or Zambia, the world’s largest bat migration in Zambia, Whale watching, Spitzbergen, Tigers in India, Antarctic cruises, Lemurs of Madagascar, Orangs in Borneo or Jaguars in Brazil

We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership between Travel With Jules and Naturetrek and offering more wonderful wildlife holidays to you in the near future! 

Contact us on 01728 748209, use the live chat or send an enquiry for your own tailor made wildlife holiday.