Update to Thailand travel advice

Following the recent death of the king of Thailand there has been some confusing advice issued for tourists. Here is a copy of an article posted on Travel Mole (a travel trade online news site). If you are booked to travel to Thailand with us and have any concerns, please get in touch. 

Published on Monday, October 17, 2016

“Thailand clarifies advice to tourists following king’s death The Tourism Authority of Thailand and operators are reassuring visitors that all hotels and resorts are operating as normal despite the recent death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. TAT’s Chris Lee said: “There has been some incorrect reporting and we would like to clarify the position. “There are two periods of mourning. The first is a one-month period of mourning, up to November 13, which applies to everyone. At that time bars are still open, alcohol is still being served, but they may close early. “After that, Government organised events will be toned down for the next year. For example, we will still have a dinner at WTM and a couple of speeches, but no music. “Despite reports, tourists don’t have to wear black on the beach. It’s simply that the Thai authorities are asking people to be respectful. For example, do not wear any ‘flamboyant clothes’ in public areas. “Our tourism activity will not be affected. We are still doing nine roadshows and eight fam trips planned in the next 12 months. We will just show sensitivity.”

Specialist operator Asian Trails Thailand said that while hotel bars and restaurants had remained open, most had cancelled their in-house entertainment and live music ‘during the coming days’ as a form of respect. The Foreign Office is advising visitors to Thailand to be sensitive to Thai feelings as the king, who had ruled for 70 years, was much revered by the nation. It said: “Particularly during the first 30 days of the mourning period, some entertainment venues, including restaurants, bars, and clubs may be closed or operating on restricted hours. “You should wear dark-coloured sombre and respectful clothing when in public and behave respectfully when in public areas.” Public transport is unaffected but visits to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew have been cancelled. Temples within the vicinity of the Grand Palace remain open, but Asian Trails warned of large crowds of locals paying their respects.

Festivals in Chiang Mai and Sukhothai next month have been cancelled. There has been no official update yet on the planned Loy Krathong Festivals in Bangkok and other parts of the country. Some entertainment venues, such as the Muay Thai Live show at Asitique and Lumpini Boxing Stadium have closed until October 17 and the Cultural Show by Sampran Riverside is cancelled. Asian Trails said: “Our team will provide support and alternative solutions where required. “With thanks for your understanding, support and sharing the nation’s sorrow during these emotional times.”