Uganda e-visas


03 May 2016

Uganda will launch e-Visa applications effective 1st of June 2016:

1) Anyone arriving from 1st June 2016 who require Visas must have applied online and on completion and submitting the application intending travellers are to receive a bar coded email notification.

2) On arrival at any border post, airport or land borders, that email must be presented and the bar code will be scanned into the immigration system. A Visa sticker will then be printed, including a scanned in picture and will be inserted into the passport on payment of the respective Visa fee.

3) For any Visa extensions, again the process is due to be completed on line though it is thought that anyone in Kampala may apply in person at the Immigration Headquarters at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

4) These applications will be for regular single entry Visa, the common East African Tourist Visa (covering besides Uganda also Kenya and Rwanda), multiple entry Visa and Business Visa.

5) Access to the application platform can be found at