Single visa entry for Malawi & Zambia

Travel News from ATTA – Single visa for tourists proposed. 

As specialists in both Malawi and Zambia, we often arrange tailor made twin centre safari and beach holidays combining these two beautiful countries, so this is great news, let’s hope it gets implemented! 

20 April 2016

“Malawi and Zambia have proposed to use a single tourist visa obtained from either country to become permissible in both countries. Minister for Natural Resources, Energy and Mines for Malawi, Bright Msaka said the proposal will allow tourists to enter both countries using one single visa without being questioned. “This visa will also protect the conservation areas as the two countries will work as one. We will make sure that officers from Malawi or Zambia can cross borders to enforce law,” he promised. He said suspected criminals like poachers could not be pursued further once they cross borders into another country because game rangers were not supposed to enter another entity without obtaining a visa. In her remarks, Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Arts, Jean Kapata said the single visa proposal was an important aspect in the promotion of tourism in the two countries. “Using a single visa, we are going to sell our countries to the world as one destination in terms of tourism products that are available in both Malawi and Zambia,” she said. The proposal follows a high level meeting held by President Peter Mutharika and his counterpart Edgar Lungu on Malawi-Zambia Trans-Frontier Conservation Areas (TFCA) Treaty signed in 2015 in the commercial city of Blantyre.”