Marsh Pride Lions new arrivals in the Mara!

The Marsh Pride, stars of Big Cat Diary introduce their latest members of the family! 

16 December 2015 (via ATTA and Kamili Safaris)



Better news for Masai Mara‘s Lions – After the sad incident that occurred in the Masai Mara just over a week ago, where 3 lions were poisoned to death, we’re pleased to be bringing more positive news regarding probably the most famous lions in the world. Stars of many BBC-TV documentaries, The Marsh Pride, are resident in the national reserve, and yesterday they introduced the two youngest members of their family to an adoring public. Two three-week old cubs emerged from the undergrowth as water levels were briefly high due to unseasonal rainfall levels. Their mother was keen to move the little cubs to higher ground and increased safety, which meant that they came out into the open for the very first time, to the delight of Dominic, a local Masai guide and just a handful of fortunate clients.

Kamili’s Tim and Mandy Henshall were delighted to be amongst them, whilst staying at nearby Sentinel Camp (a delightful 4+ star 6-room seasonal tented camp hidden within the forest on the banks of the Mara River, deep within Marsh Pride territory). The Marsh Pride swells to up to 40 lions from time to time, so whilst the loss of 3 of their members was a major loss, the pride remains dominant and thriving in one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations. As Tim said “The Marsh Pride is known and loved the world over. These gorgeous little additions – who we’ve cheekily christened Kamili and Kamageo – are the latest stars to join the pride. Let’s hope we can all work to ensure their safety to bring joy to the many people drawn to this amazing destination”.

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