Fast track entry to USA for frequent travellers

Interesting ….. as many of our clients know the queues on entry to The States can take hours and there are often problems with getting visas too.  If you are a regular traveller to the States, this new rule might be very useful!

“British travellers can apply to skip US immigration queues Visitors to the States will be able to join a scheme that will allow them to skip the notoriously long queues at US immigration from December following the expansion of Global Entry to British citizens. Global Entry, which is already available at 46 US airports and 13 preclearance locations, allows for faster processing of pre-approved, low-risk travellers.

However, travellers have to go through a lengthy application process and spend more than £100 in fees, so the scheme is likely to be most appealing to the 125,000 British citizens who travel to the US at least four times a year. British citizens will have to register via the Home Office website and pay a £42 fee. If they pass the UK vetting process they will be given an acces code to enter when applying for Global Entry through the Global Online Enrolment System. Once their application is approved, they must have an interview with an officer to assess eligibility.

The fee for a five-year membership is $100. Applications can be made from December 3.”