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The Beehive, Nakuru, Kenya - Transformation through Compassion, Love and Hope ...... beehive-alice-in-bee-suit

We are working to support The Beehive and need your help!

Written by Jules : Being an African Safari specialist and having lived and worked in Kenya for several years, when I heard about 'The Beehive' at a local small business networking meeting I was keen to get involved.  Ruth Leigh introduced me to Alan and Jane Hutt  (Ruth is a local fund raiser for The Beehive) and we met in 2016 while they were on a flying visit back to their home in Suffolk. 

We soon got talking and discovered we had a lot in common and that I had also travelled to the same area of Western Uganda where they had worked on their first project!  Travel With Jules are corporate sponsors for The Beehive and for each holiday we book (anywhere in the world) we donate on your behalf topping up our monthly gift to them. 


Jane with a new arrival!

Here is their remarkable story in a nutshell!  Jane and Alan Hutt first became involved in Africa about ten years ago and had a sense of being "called to Africa" though however, they had absolutely no idea how this would come about they knew they wanted to go! In 2011, at a local Christian festival, they met a Reverend from Uganda, and accepted his invitation to visit his country and the school that his ministry runs, and this began a new friendship, and opened the door for their work in Africa. So, two short trips later, Jane and Alan made the toughest decision of their lives, and in March 2013 they moved to South Western Uganda (here is a link to a local newspaper article written at that time) alongside this school and to look at developing their own project. This meant leaving behind their children, Mckenna now aged 24, Christie-Lee now 22, and Sam now 20, as well as leaving the security of the jobs that they had held for many years. They spent 6 months based in Uganda, initially at the school, and then working in community outreach to people living in extreme poverty and need. In September 2013 they moved across to neighbouring Kenya, continuing to do community outreach, as well as investigating the local needs of the people there. In 2014 an exciting new project was born ... The Beehive - working and living alongside the most vulnerable and needy of young mums and their babies.....

The Beehive is a home for 'child mothers' in rural Kenya.  Nakuru is a place I have spent a lot of time and sits in the heart of the Rift Valley - a beautiful area surrounded by farms, lakes and mountains. When the girls are taken into the arms of the Beehive they are often highly traumatised and have had backs turned on them in their home communities. Through love, compassion and education, the girls are helped to ultimately integrate back into society and this is an aspect of the project which I am keen to try and help further with through my contacts with safari lodges and camps in Kenya.   beehive-lady-with-baby

Young girls, sometimes as young as 9 becoming pregnant and finding themselves facing choices they should never have to face: homelessness, prostitution to support their new baby, or abortion. This is the reality in Kenya - the child mother. The Beehive is a home, providing much needed care and support for some of the most vulnerable of these very young mums and their babies. The girls receive education, either academic or vocational depending on their individual ability, as well as learning essential life skills required by their culture.  The babies will also receive education once they reach the appropriate age, meantime being able to grow and develop in a loving and caring environment. 

Through Travel With Jules' corporate sponsorship and support from our clients we hope to make a difference to the girls and their babies by not just financial support but through our travel contacts in Africa and by donating much needed supplies, clothing, foods and materials to sustain the house and moving forward maybe to other 'Beehives'. 

As well as regular monthly donations, Travel With Jules will donate £5 from every holiday booked with us (anywhere in the world) to the Beehive and £20 on behalf of every Africa booking. 

If you would like to donate directly to The Beehive, please click through to their website and follow the 'donate' page

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