Sensational Seychelles

Indian Ocean islands are most peoples idea of tropical paradise - in 2018 our very own Mags visited the Seychelles ...

"Earlier this year I visited the lovely Seychelles. Situated approximately 1,000 from the African Coast most of the wildlife there hasn’t made it to the Seychelles so I for one, was thrilled by the absence of snakes!!! Urgh!!!

The lush tropical forest is easily visible from the air as you fly in as the main island of Mahe which is well protected by local laws from high rise buildings, so seems very traditional.

Our first hotel on Mahe was Constance Ephelia is situated on the west coast and has two beaches to choose from and five restaurants so there’s plenty of variety! One evening we experienced a specialist Wine Dinner and the food and wine were outstanding. Not expected on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and hugely enjoyed.

On Mahe island itself, there isn’t a huge amount to do but this suited us fine as we had come for rest and relaxation. Don’t come here if you want a different nightclub every night! We took a day tour around the island and visited various locations including a tea factory. It was not high tech but what it lacked in technology, it made up for in authenticity. The tea leaves are still sorted by hand and the end product is delicious. The view from the small plantation is gorgeous on a clear day with far reaching views over Praslin towards Denis Island surrounded by beautiful, sparkling turquoise sea.

Giant tortoise on Denis Island

After six relaxing days we transferred by boat to Silhouette Island, a nature reserve about 45 minutes from Mahe Island. We stayed at Hilton La Briz and although it was fairly full, it never felt crowded and there was always a choice of space around the pool. The food here was also fabulous!

From here, we had clear views of North Island, where the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge spent their honeymoon. We didn’t quite have their budget so had to admire it from afar! Not that I’m complaining as the beaches on this island are stunning. We spent our mornings beach combing with no snorkelling necessary as when you stand still, the fish come to you and the sea is so clear, there is no problem spotting them.

Our view of the beach

One morning we walked to the President’s Beach, further along the coast and we were the only people there so a great place to live out your Robinson Crusoe dream….or Joanna Lumley in my case! It looks like every postcard you’ve ever seen of the Seychelles with white sand, big boulders and a lone fisherman up to his knees armed with only a small net, all just edged by wavering palm trees and fallen coconuts. Reef shoes would have improved our perambulations but lack of them, certainly didn’t spoil it!

Our transfer back to Mahe was in style, by helicopter. From Robinson Crusoe to James Bond! It took around 15 minutes and for my money, was worth every penny.

All in all I would describe the Seychelles as low key, non-flashy luxury with a high end culinary twist.