I felt like the King of Scotland again!

What can I say? You did it again! From the night I arrived, being welcomed back to Hemingways in Nairobi (I felt like the King of Scotland again!), to the day I left and spoke to the Somak lounge team again (who feel like friends now!), everything was a complete delight.

I renewed my adoption of my little elephant at the Sheldrick Orphanage (he’s not so little now!). I actually met Saba Douglas-Hamilton in the cafe at Wilson airport and we flew up together to Samburu (which was handy as I had a large number of books to donate to her children and my luggage was heavy!).


Elephant Watch Camp is lovely, the staff there are superb. They know all the elephants by name and there were around 9 families in the area, there was no overcrowding from other vehicles which was great. As you know, Saba had arranged a surprise sleep out for me with the warriors! We walked for about 1.5 hrs along a dry river bed to a Samburu village with about 5 of the guides from camp. One of their fathers was the village elder and I learned from them about village life and their cattle and they but my tent next to the head man’s house! We had a meal around a camp fire and shared left overs with the children and sat chatting until about 9.30 … I spent the night listening to cattle munching around my tent!!


The next morning we headed back to Elephant Watch Camp for brunch. Another night the guides took me to a fabulous sundowner spot and we talked all about their culture, they sang the whole way back! It was lovely to meet Saba’s father (Iain Douglas-Hamilton) whom I share my Scottish roots with! I had some amazing leopard sightings around Samburu too … all in all very sad to leave there.

Onwards by road to Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley and the Douglas-Hamilton family’s country home at Olerai House. It was really nice to relax and enjoy the birdlife and surrounding tropical gardens, there were only about 6 people there so it was very personal. I took a trip to Elsamere (Joy Adamson’s home) where the staff were charming and the museum really good (particularly interesting as you know I had become friends with Virginia McKenna on the Born Free Foundation safari on a previous trip). Afternoon tea in the gardens there, surrounded by Colobus Monkeys looking out over the lake was very enjoyable.


The last week of my safari I travelled back to the Masai Mara and returned to Porini Camps, this time staying in Porini Mara and Porini Lion … as I arrived into Lion Camp I was greeted immediately by a staff member who remembered me from last time which was lovely! Plenty of cat sightings in the Mara and all too soon it was time to head back to Nairobi and the journey home … so where are you sending me next time??!!

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