Around the world in our balloon!

In 2017 we commissioned our first Travel With Jules balloon luggage tags to accompany our new leather effect travel wallets.  I thought it would be fun to ask our clients to send in photos of their balloons travelling around the world, Phileas Fogg style .... though maybe not right the way 'around the world in 80 days!! '

So far, the furthest away they have travelled (the most remote) must be Easter Island where Rod and Sam visited on their honeymoon to Chile and Argentina. 

Closely followed by regular USA traveller Jon Dailey in Hawaii!  Jon also took this great photo of his balloon at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Around Europe we have had check ins from several parts of Greece (including Santorini, Kefalonia & Corfu) & many parts of Italy (including Venice, Rome, the Lakes, Sicily & the Amalfi Coast). 

Our tags have travelled to Africa and around Asia - but we need more of our clients to send in their photos! 

Below in the album are a collection of our clients balloons 'around the world' - book your next holiday with us to receive your own balloons and send in your shots for the wall of fame!

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