Volunteering Projects

Bespoke holidays for volunteering projects around the world. 

When you travel you meet people around the world from all different tribal and ethnic backgrounds and experience different cultures.  Most tour operators these days are, thankfully, very mindful of the impact of tourism on the environment and the wildlife and people who live in the areas we visit.  Projects such as carbon offsetting, planting trees, conservation projects protecting parks and reserves are successfully operating in many destinations worldwide.

But another way you can give something back when you travel is to take part in volunteering projects.  Give your time and skills to villages, schools, wildlife habitats and farming projects in countries who don’t have the resources or funding to pay for this help.  If you are medically qualified, or have teaching experience then there are plenty of places where you can spend weeks if not months helping others.  Even if you don’t have a professional qualification there are basic life skills which we take for granted that will be gratefully received by others less fortunate.

In many areas of the third world there are things you can do to make a difference on your holiday, some for weeks some just day trips, or maybe an overnight in a mud hut in a village in Africa or on a long boat in the jungles of Indonesia.  In the heart of Asia there are plenty of volunteer projects and others in Latin AmericaAfrica offers plentiful opportunity for you to help local communities and many excellent safari camps and operators in countries such as Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya to name a few, have excellent relationships with village communities close to them and offer the chance for visitors to help them during their African safari holiday. In Malawi there are places such as Ntchisi Lodge where there are so many successful projects that you can help with in the rural hillside villages such as teaching the use of sewing machines, farming honey, nuts and fruits and cultivating tree saplings.

Many adventure tour operators have great volunteer programmes and some offer long term placements if you are on a round the world trip or have several months where you can give your time to staying with a local community maybe in Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco or Peru to name a few. One of the adventure tour operators I work closely with have specific volunteer departure holidays, lead by an expert in Responsible Travel.  Ask me for details of the projects this company supports and others.

So if you want to give a little back when you travel and experience the lives of others less fortunate, ask me to tailor your next holiday to include some time on a volunteer project, whether you are travelling on a group adventure, tailor made holiday or even a luxury cruise – there are opportunities all around the world to give your time and experience to a volunteer project.


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