Young Family – Road trip to Italy (August 2013)

Lets start by saying a big thank-you for all your help. Our idea of having a Europen adventure in the car (as an alternative to our usual sailing holidays) came last year after watching Micheal Portillo on the mountain trains in Switzerland and our desire to encorage our daughters interest in  history by visiting Rome. You gave us the confidence to make our dream a reality and arrange the details.

We started our journey with the channel tunnel crossing followed by a stop in Strasbourg staying at the Maison Rouge. We loved the hotel, right in the middle of the historic heart of the city.   The drive down to Italy, over the Alps was exciting with several stops for photo opportunities. The villa you booked for us was stunning in both size and beauty. We spent much of the week in the pool, with fantastic views over the italian countryside. During the week we traveled into Rome for walking tours of the Vatican, Colloseum and the Roman Forum. The Italian trains and food were so cheap compared to the high costs in Swizerland. Best of all were the restaurants on the banks of the nearby lake which gave great food, hospitality and views across the lakes.  So it was great getting your help to organise this, Strasbourg and the villa were excellent.  Very many thanks,  Graham, Carole, Emily and Alice