Roger & Pat Fern – Orient Express to Venice (April 2013)

The Journey of a Lifetime on the Venice Simplon Orient Express! The whole holiday was a great success. Thank you very much for all your planning, booking and checking. The Goring Hotel in London, the Pullman/Orient Express trains and Hotel Cipriani in Venice were all brilliant. Staff looked after us extremely well and were very patient.

I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so well or so much!!  We saw most of what we had planned and also enjoyed sitting with ice cream and drinks listening to a splendid quintet on St Mark’s square. The trains were spectacular – although putting on a bow tie whilst the carriage was encouraging us to rock and roll was a bit of a challenge. When I mentioned this to the Scottish couple at dinner he said ‘you should be glad you were not trying to put on a kilt!!’ The journey through the mountain passes in both directions were something else – lots of snow as well as bright sunlight on the way home.  It was a lovely coincidence that we came back on the Pullman in carriage ‘Audrey’, my mother’s name, whose funeral had taken place 2 days before we left. It was a super touch that the card on the train wished Pat a happy birthday, which fell on the day we left. We have many happy memories that will last for a long time!

Roger & Pat Fern Orient Express in both directions to Venice with a night pre-train in London and 5 nights in Venice