Robert & Anna Bradshaw – Australia & New Zealand (Feb 2018)

Jules and Mags booked our flights and hotels for our holiday to Australia and New Zealand with specialist partners. As we have come to expect from Travel with Jules – everything worked smoothly. The printed itinerary was to the letter and correct. We have travelled with other travel companies in the past and seemed to end up in the worst rooms in the hotel. (we once had a hotel with no windows!! – just curtains over a blanked off area where the window should have been!!) Not good. This does NOT happen when you book your holiday with Travel with Jules. We had very pleasant rooms with views relevant to the area – city views or overlooking the countryside in New Zealand.

When we were not staying with family or friends our highlight was Wellington. We enjoyed the city – – easy to walk around and our hotel was well placed for the cable car to the Botanical Gardens and the area around the Docks. The Te Papa museum entertained us for 2 nearly-full days. (allowing for long coffee breaks, etc. and there was a hurricane blowing so pretty inclement outside!) The Docklands bistro was wonderful. As was Ombra Restaurant. In neither place were people on their phones! – they were just places full of people interacting and enjoying very good food together. Bayview 91 in Whitianga is a joy. But the owners are selling up and building another B&B nearby. Staying with friends in Opito Bay was a treat . But difficult for tourists to reach as there are no B&B’s or small hotels there. So we were very lucky our friends had a beach hut there. (Said beach hut sleeps 12 – so not really a beach hut or ‘bach’ as it is known locally.

Thank you for another great holiday!