Mr & Mrs B – Cuba (March 2017)

We knew nothing about Cuba when we came to your office and asked you to come up with an itinerary that covered all the bases. We feel we had a very good taste of what Cuba has to offer – the good, the bad and the ugly, all part of the experience. Beautiful country, lovely people, but economically a basket case! Journey Latin America provided us with excellent guides, who provided lots of background info as well as showing us the must see sights. Interestingly they ranged from one well-travelled Castro sceptic, and one who was beginning to understand that everything in Cuba was not necessarily perfect, to one “true believer” (who unsurprisingly had never been off the island.) Our three homestays were also an interesting mix. The first, although very basic, was extremely welcoming and friendly. The second, slightly more “luxurious” seemed to be more cynically run. The third was the most comfortable and also extremely friendly and helpful. The luxury resort at Caya Santa Maria was fantastic. The government run hotel in Havana had a terrific location, but suffered from typically demotivated low-paid public sector staffing. The highlights were too many to mention – Every day was a treat!