Jenny & David – Malta (June 2018)

Had a really good time in Malta, the Three Cities have changed a lot since we were last there. Lot of money been spent, still being spent, on doing places up. Thanks to the EU, i.e. you and us! Malta is certainly two different holiday destinations, the area where we were, Valletta and Cities, and the other coastal beach areas we wouldn’t be seen dead in! Far too ‘Benidorm’. Anyway, our area was great if you admire architecture and walking but hard work as stone streets and steps.

Same applies to Julesey’s B&B – a tall old Maltese house, beautifully refurbished and comfortable. But all noise travels up the central staircase which was slightly disturbing.

Would we go again? No. But only because we have now walked the place to death! According to Dave’s app (!!) we did about 36 miles during the course of the week. Have come home for a rest!