Deirdre West & Richard Wilson- Kenya (July 2017)

Friends Deirdre & Richard stayed with Kicheche in their three camps in the Masai Mara Conservancies  

Deirdre wrote the review and Richard took the photos! 

“This Safari was a repeat visit to a country after many years of safaris elsewhere in Africa and India, and it did not disappoint. In fact I am happy to say it was probably the best ever I can remember (and if Jules was responsible for the sole use of vehicle and guide at both Mara North and Valley camps – thanks for using your influence with the Kicheche Camps!).

Using the smaller camps in the Masai conservancies of Mara North and Naboisho meant low vehicle numbers and sightings were often enjoyed in splendid isolation, with the freedom to drive off road too. I have just returned from experiencing the most perfect adventure, the many lion prides full of cubs of all ages from little blue eyed babies to larger teenagers and sub adults. Huge black maned males travelling about their business in broad day light probably due to the cooler winter weather, while the bonus of being there during the migration, and seeing millions of Wildebeest and Zebra constantly travelling, which meant it was feast time for the cats! At one siting they’d been given a spare Wildebeest kill to practice on, and their young instincts showed what powerful predators they would become, even if these instincts at the moment were nothing worse than leaping on and off or playing with the tail, followed by a suckle of milk from mum and then a good sleep. Happily even adding Leopard and Cheetah sightings, giraffe, mongoose, hyena, jackals etc the trip also gave me many close encounters with my passion the elephants, including some huge male tuskers. It was a privilege to be within a meter or two of family groups and to watch and hear the interaction often well into the dusk when they would simply disappear silently into the deepening dusk.

I was more than once moved to tears, and now at home wondering if it fact a Kicheche safari has left such a deep impression on my soul that I need to do it again and soon while I remain not too old to do it.”