Caroline Abbot – Hawaii (April 2014)

Maui (Hawaii) was absolutely fabulous. It’s a smallish island that is packed with everything you might want in a holiday. From rough, desolate volcanic scenery (watching the sunrise on Haleakala Crater was spectacular) to lush green mountains and gorges full of waterfalls and rock pools. Black, red and white sand beaches – the glitzy, touristy types and the rough, rustic remote types – added an element of novelty and great beauty to our seaside excursions.

We spent an afternoon snorkelling and on our boat trip saw dolphins, whales and turtles. The people were friendly and the service was always delivered with a positive, sunny attitude. We didn’t eat in any fine-dining establishments, but the food was always pretty good. Celebrity eateries, biker bars, trendy Japanese establishments, seafood dens, the Thai food bus in the parking lot, the Kombucha Bar hidden round the back of a shopping centre – all were pretty reasonable quality (though not cheap).  And for the health nuts, there several very good health-food grocery stores, well-stocked with organic produce, juices, fresh deli meals – pretty much anything you could want. Great cycling, kayaking and surfing too!  Can’t wait to go back.