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Oceans & Marine life

Tailor made natural history and wildlife holidays around the worlds oceans and seas. 

Most of our planet is made up of water – 70.9% of it to be exact!  Of that 97% is salt water and 3% fresh, meaning that the world’s oceans take up an awful lot of space!

There are five oceans, the largest being the Pacific, then the Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic. There are many deep trenches on the ocean floors, where the earth’s surface in places remains volatile resulting in earthquakes, volcanoes and in the case of those in the oceans, tsunamis. This is where life on earth began ……

Exploring the oceans of the world opens up many opportunities to the adventurous traveller.  In years gone by before air travel became common place, everyone travelled long distances by ship and many adventures were had as families travelled, often to emigrate, by boat to South Africa, Australasia, Asia and the Americas.  Modern day cruise ships are really floating towns, a far cry from the original ‘cruise liners’ that graced the oceans and even further from those galleons and icebreakers of the pirates and explorers of centuries gone by! Check out a round the world cruise itinerary to traverse many oceans.

In some parts of our oceans, islands life was separated when the continents formed and have evolved unique life forms such as The Galapagos or Madagascar.  Both of these destinations are fabulous wildlife experiences.

The marine environment is an underwater film show – there is probably more varied life on the seabed that on the land above it.  Many creatures are microscopic and make up the masses of marine plankton that feed the larger animals.  Of these, many such as the sharks and manta rays are filter feeders, scooping up the tiny plankton.  Bony fish which have moveable fins and swim bladders dominate the oceans and many are hunters, such as tuna.  But mammals in the oceans (Cetaceans) such as the many whales and dolphins are undoubtedly the stars of the show.  Various species of whale migrate around the world and can be seen at different times of the year as they come close to land to breed.  Try destinations such as Canada and Alaska, Norway, South Africa, Australia or Mexico for some fabulous whale watching, to name a few.

Coral reefs with their amazing colours and intricate rich marine life are like underwater forests.  There are many protected marine reserves now around the world, some of the most rewarding for snorkelling and diving holidays include the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Maldives, Costa Rica and Belize in Latin America and Mozambique.

However you want to travel the oceans, on them or below them,  there is a wealth of wildlife and beauty to be enjoyed.  Take a look at the experiences on this site for some inspirational travel suggestions and give us a call to find out where you can see Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Sharks or huge fish migrations.  Or maybe you would like to do some diving and not sure which part of the world is best or at what time of year?  Or want to charter a yacht and go island hopping?  ……. Where in the world would you rather be?


Suggested experiences

The Great Barrier Reef

Off the north east Queensland coast sits the Great Barrier Reef - an amazing site of natural beauty and the most extensive coral reef system in the world. Visit any number of the islands surrounding the reef or take an amazing diving holiday.

Mozambique Marine Adventure

Discover an underwater world teeming with life in Mozambique. Coral reefs and Whale Sharks.

Round The World Cruise

A once in a lifetime holiday, bucket list for many, a Round The World cruise takes you through some of the most iconic places on earth! This trip departs UK on 7 January 2013 from Southampton and cruises the southern hemisphere.

Whale Watching

The largest mammals on earth can be seen in many different destinations around the world including South Africa. Getting up close to these wonderful giants is an awesome experience!

Ross Sea Voyage

Departing on 9 November 2011, this is your last chance to travel on the Kapitan Khlebnikov as it sails the Ross Sea for the last time on the 50th anniversary year of Scott's famous expedition!