Middle East & North Africa

Steeped in history and culture and the birthplace of religion, the Middle East is a melting pot of different peoples and things to see and do.  Although part of Asia, the stretch of countries along the east of the Mediterranean Sea round to Egypt are loosely terms together in terms of travel as the ‘Middle East’.

Although there is usually some kind of political news surrounding this region, there are places that always remain safe for tourists to visit. Explore outside your normal comfort zones and you will be surprised by the friendliness of the people and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of places like Tel Aviv’s Jaffa district and it’s pavement cafes or rural villages in Jordan.

Jordan offers desert adventures and tours and is an ideal Family Holiday destination. Israel has great historical sites and walks and fantastic birdwatching, Egypt of course is famous for sights such as the pyramids and the Sahara Desert and cruises down the Nile.  The Red Sea offers some of the best diving in the world and the Dead Sea is a strange but purifying experience, with the whole region offering a host of world class spas and top rate services.

Oman is the latest up and coming tourist destination in the Middle East with world class hotels and spas, family friendly hotels, miles of beaches with turtles and fabulous diving, Muscat and other cities here offer a dining and shopping feast for the senses and the deserts and mountains offer a variety of hikes, wildlife and adventure.  Dubai and the UAE make interesting stop overs on your way to long haul destinations or a nice warm winter short break!

Across North Africa there are plenty of options for group adventures, cultural holidays and family breaks. Trekking in the Atlas Mountains can involve staying in Berber villages, camping or staying in Luxury Kasbahs. For foodie holidays, enjoy the sights and smells of the markets and medinas of Morocco and Tunisia.

Group and adventure tours, hiking, biking and camping, spa breaks, Nile cruises, city tours or unusual wildlife and culture – whatever you are looking for this region has a lot to offer. Particularly good for ‘winter sun‘ and a fairly short flights, it’s a great idea for something different to escape the UK in winter!


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Egypt is packed with fascinating treasures and ancient history - did you know that it is in fact the oldest tourist destination on earth? Ask me about holidays to the Red Sea, Luxor, into the deserts or a luxury River Nile Cruise.


Israel is a great place for exploring historical sights, walking and enjoying food and wine. The Dead Sea has fantastic spas and restorative properties and the highlands have vineyards, birding and hiking trails.


Jordan is a wonderful friendly country, with dramatic scenery and masses of historical sights. Great for families and group adventure trips, you can pack a lot into a week here! Explore Petra, Jerrash, Wadi Rum and the Dead and Rea Seas.


Morocco is a feast for the senses in every respect - the colours and spices of the markets, souks and food, the culture and beauty of the rugged Atlas Mountains and atmosphere of the coastal fishing ports. It's only a short flight from the UK and is hot pretty much all year round.


Oman is the perfect destination for a true taste of the Middle East, with top class service, stunning varied landscapes, amazing wildlife and pristine beaches. Visit the deserts and forts, watch turtles on the beach and enjoy superb diving.


Take a trip to exotic Qatar on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Sun, sand and skyscrappers! Souks and restaurants, camels and cafes. Doha makes a great city break or Asia stop over.


Tunisia is a land of ancient ruins and Roman history, a must do for historians and archeologists. Sahara Desert Adventures and Berber camps appeal to groups and families and it's great for winter sun!

United Arab Emirates

A land of world class hotels and shopping, the seven emirates along the north edge of the Arabian Peninsula, encapsulate everything about the Middle East. With landscapes varying from the huge sand dunes and desert oasis to the skyscrapers of Dubai this is the most luxurious playground in the world!