Papua New Guinea

Tailor Made Wildlife & Birding Holidays & Adventures to Papua New Guinea

We can tailor make your adventure travel to Papua New Guinea – an emerging destination for tourism, this is still a truly wild and adventurous travel destination! Enjoy a true adventure off the beaten track with a holiday to Papua New Guinea. This is a haven of wildlife and natural history and a great location for diving holidays. 

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Due to the lack of tourism infrastructure in many parts of Papua New Guinea, itineraries are subject to change or alteration according to local circumstances, and a degree of flexibility from travellers is required.

Papua New Guinea is a stunningly beautiful place covered in rainforest and has fascinating local culture and diverse wildlife. Two-thirds of the world’s species of orchids come from Papua New Guinea making it a botanists dream! 450 different species of butterfly are also found here. Marsupials and other mammals include the strange cuscus, tree kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots and spiny anteaters. 

Birdwatching holidays to Papua New Guinea – This truly is a birders paradise and the island of New Guinea has one of the most varied and richest avifauna on the planet There are around 708 identified bird species including 578 land and freshwater species, 40 sea birds and 90 migrants. There are land dwelling birds such as the strange Cassowaries (related to Emus), birds of prey, pigeons and cuckoos, owls and frogmouths, hornbills, kingfishers and lots of parrot family species such as lorries, lorikeets and cockatoos. 

In the trees you will find cuckoo shrikes, thrushes, babblers, fairy-wrens, monarchs, honeyeaters, mynahs, orioles and many many more.  The most famous and colourful birds include the bowerbirds (who collect treasure to show off to their mates!) and the Birds of Paradise, which you will have seen on TV programmes most famously with David Attenborough, displaying their fabulous feathers in courtship. Of the 43 known species of Birds of Paradise you can find 38 on PNG. In the last century feather collecting from these birds hugely impacted on the numbers and they are now protected with it being illegal to take their plumes away from the country. But now danger comes from logging and habitat clearance.


One of the main reasons to visit Papua New Guinea is for a Natural History or Wildlife Holiday. The pristine rainforests and mountains here are truly dramatic with about 75% of the island covered by rainforest full of orchids, tree ferns and magnificent trees. There are about 190 species of mammals in Papua New Guinea. Invertebrates rule the roost here with an astounding 25,000 species of beetles and over 6000 types of butterflies and moths. There are around 160 species of frogs and many lizards including around 170 species such as dragon lizards, monitor lizards and geckos. Amongst the 110 species of snakes are sea snakes, pythons and taipans. There are two crocodiles, the saltwater crocodile which is widespread in the Indo-Pacific region and the New Guinea Crocodile found in freshwater rivers, lakes and swamps. Did you see Gordon Buchanan on BBC TV in April 2016 (Tribes, Predators and Me) staying with a village tribe deep in the heart of the forest who picked up huge Saltwater Crocodiles?! 

For years a destination shrouded in mystery and tales of cannibals and paradise birds, Papua New Guinea above Australia in the Pacific Ocean, is slowly emerging onto the holiday market radar for the adventurous tourist and wildlife enthusiast. It is a beautifully untouched destination and a journey here is a real adventure.  PNG (as it is commonly referred to) sits east of the Philippines and Indonesia and is easily combined with a trip to Australia, indeed if you look at the map you can see how the island would have been attached to Australia long ago and some of the wildlife here is closely related to species found on the larger continental land mass, such as cockatoos, birds of paradise and types of wombat, possums and tree kangaroos. There are no animals of African descent here (as PNG sits East of the Wallace Line).

Trekking and hiking in the mountains and rainforests can also be enjoyed here, a number of famous hikes include the Kokoda Track and Black cat trail for experienced trekkers. Other adventures to be enjoyed in PNG include kayaking, surfing and fishing. Although journeys to the interior of Papua New Guinea are still developing in tourism, Diving and Snorkelling holidays have been well established here for many years.

Diving & snorkelling holidays – The underwater world here is amazing and world-renowned for one of the best and most exclusive dive destinations. The surrounding reefs and seas are thought to have the greatest marine diversity in the world, free from commercial exploitation and you will find the reefs here teeming with wildlife and in pristine condition. Superb diving can be had in West New Britain, New Ireland and Tufi.

Indigenous culture is important to PNG, there are many cultural festivals all over the country at various times of the year so check what’s going on when you are planning to take a visit, a cultural ceremony is a must do experience here! A holiday to Papua New Guinea should be at least 10 days long, preferably longer.  You will fly into Port Moresby, the capital and head into the highlands to experience the wildlife and indigenous culture. 

You will need a visa which can be obtained in advance or on arrival (check FCO for latest entry requirements). There are good hotels in major locations such as Port Moresby and in the rural regions there are simple village stays and guest houses. The roads are a challenge so travel with an open mind and expect delays and bumpy rides! Internal flights are available to get around the island and give you a great birds eye view of the countryside.

Getting there The easiest way to get to PNG is from Singapore or you can connect via Hong Kong, Tokyo and from Australia, with flights connecting to Brisbane and Cairns. There are not many tour operators selling PNG yet, so contact us to arrange a private tailor made itinerary or to join a group tour or cruise to this amazing destination.  

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Everything was done well from Travel with Jules' side. The trip was in itself one big continuous highlight! We took a camper van from north to south island.
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Just to say thank you very much for organising my travels to see my family and changing my return flight when I needed to. Everything worked out very well . Coming back from New Zealand was the quickest I have ever done and helped a lot with the jet lag.
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Thank you so much for organising my trip to Australia for me! I was very unsure about travelling alone but Mags met me and talked me through the things I needed to do, such as getting travel insurance and a visa. The group I met in Alice Springs and travelled with were great fun and the tour leader was lovely. I really loved everything, it was all amazing!
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March 29, 2016

You did a wonderful job in organising our tailor made holiday to Queensland, Australia, we had an amazing time and met some great people. We'll definitely go back and won't hesitate to recommend you to our friends.
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May 21, 2013

One of the things I have come to love about you, Jules, is that you listen and take on board what makes me tick, and then tailor the holiday to fit me, not just try to convince me to fit a holiday in a brochure!
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