Bespoke Tailor Made Holidays & Honeymoons to Mongolia

Sitting between China and Russia in the heart of the Asian continent is a land steeped in myth and history, offering the visitor chance to escape the modern world and step back in time. A rich culture and old customs remains intact with Mongolia really not being touched by the Western world. Wild horses and camels travelling across the desert, with a back drop of snow peaked mountains is the iconic snapshot of this wonderful country.

Ulaanbaatar is the capital and international airport with several carriers operating regional flights.  The trans-Siberian railway also passes through Mongolia, taking five days from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar or 35 hours from Beijing. Winter here is extremely cold with temperatures regularly less than -25c.  The best time to visit is between May and October with July and August being the wettest, but rainfall here is minimal.  The Gobi desert in the summer is very hot, though it cools quickly at night.

Around Ulaanbaatar itself there is plenty to see and do. The Museum of Natural History has a fascinating palaeontology department with dinosaur eggs and bones found in the Gobi Desert. There are other museums and monasteries to visit with displays of Buddhist art. The city is on the Tuul River and is a strange mix of modern and old ways of life with cars and cattle sharing the streets.

Near Ulaanbaatar is the Khustain National Park where you can see a good variety of wildlife and flowers plus the indigenous Takhi horses. Terelj National Park has amazing rock formations and stones with chance to do some hiking, rafting or horse riding and see deer, wolf and wild boar.

In the centre of the country is the ancient capital of Karakorum where Genghis Khan established his empire at the Silk Road crossroads. There is a magnificent Monastery here enclosed in 400 metres of walls. The Gobi Desert stretches over large parts of Mongolia and is one of the world’s largest Biosphere Reserves.  The desert is also home to the elusive Snow Leopard, Gobi bear and many birds.  There are beautiful sand dunes and dramatic mountains all around the desert regions.

If you visit Mongolia in July, make sure you go to the Naadam festival which is a national holiday when every village and city has a Naadam, the main one being in Ulaanbaatar where the three major sports of Mongolia, Archery, Wrestling and Horse Racing are displayed.

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June 30, 2011

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