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Tailor made wildlife holidays to Republic of Congo. 

We are Africa specialists and have reliable local ground agents in Central and West Africa to create the perfect itinerary for you to this beautiful and friendly country (often confused with its larger neighbour DRC!). Contact us on 01728 748209, use the live chat or send an enquiry

The Republic of Congo is situated in central west Africa and is surrounded by five countries – Cameroon and Central African Republic in the north, Gabon to the west, the enclave of Cabinda (part of Angola) to the south and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the east. Did you see the BBC Natural World programme in September 2016 where TV camera man Vianet Djenguet returned to his home land – a wonderful and moving documentary showing how peaceful this country is. 

The Atlantic Ocean borders the western part of the country along a short 170km coastline with Pointe Noire being located on the coast and the Conkouati-Douli National Park just north of it on the Gabon border. The appeal for Natural History holidays is evident, with Congo only recently bringing itself into the tourism radar with the opening of Lowland Gorilla viewing (Western Lowland Gorillas) in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park to the north of the country.

The climate in the Congo is the same across the country with slight variations north and south.  The long rains are from October to December, then a short dry season January and February, followed by short rains March to April and the long dry season May to September.  The north is hot and humid, being equatorial and the south is tropical and humid with slightly less rain October to May and dry June to September.

The time in Congo is 1 hour ahead of GMT, common languages are French, Lingala and Kituba and English in some hotels and tourist areas. You do need a proof of Yellow Fever vaccine to enter The Congo and all visitors need a visa prior to travel. (Which we can assist with if you book through us!). 

This is a former French colony which is little known to the western world and sparsely populated, wedged as it is between Gabon and the huge DRC.  Lying in the heart of the River Congo Basin, it is home to the majority of the world’s population of Western Lowland Gorillas and a host of forest diversity making it an ideal wildlife destination for the nature lover and Africa addict. For those who have seen the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, the chance to see their Lowland cousins in Congo or Gabon is wonderful opportunity.

The highest point of Congo is Mount Berongou at 903m and the rainforest in which Odzala park is situated covers more than half the area of the country.  As of July 2011 the population of Congo was just over 4 million people. Brazzaville (on the border of DRC) is the capital city where about half the population live. The natural resources of Congo include petroleum, timber, lead, potash, uranium, zinc, copper, phosphates, magnesium, natural gas, gold and hydropower. Oil resources here are now very depleted and the pressure of the developed countries of the world on it’s resources means the Congo has the challenge of conserving it’s natural resources meaning that eco-tourism is a good opportunity for an alternative revenue.

Tourism is still developing here but we have the contacts to get you there, so contact us for a tailor made wildlife holiday to The Republic of Congo.  Our ground agents have been operating here and in Central African Republic and Cameroon for several years now, but until recently these countries and fabulous remote parks have been the realm only of film teams and research groups.  Now the public are invited to share this wonderful remote world of wildlife. Brazzaville is the arrival point to visit Nouabale-Ndoki and Dzanga-Ndoki National Parks in the Congo Basin.

Nouabale-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo and Dzanga-Ndoki National Park in the Central Africa Republic preserve what are among the most beautiful, accessible rain forests in Africa, and the last of their kind on the planet.

The country and scenery in the Republic of Congo are spectacular and in particular Odzala National Park offers visitors a rare glimpse of a huge range of diverse rainforest creatures.  Settle into your rustic safari camp overlooking a huge ‘Bai’ where you can see Forest elephants, Congo Buffalo and Lowland Gorillas, amongst many other species. Experience visits to the habituated gorillas accompanied by researchers. As of 2015 there are three operational camps in Odzala: Ngaga, Mboko and Lango. 

There are currently no restrictions on Gorilla visits and no viewing permits required.  This is a guaranteed opportunity to see the Lowland Gorillas. There are six exclusive groups of Gorillas in a 5km x 5km area in the rainforest.  This is still a physically demanding trek but the altitude is low and the terrain not mountainous. The park is also home to other primates. There are river systems in the rainforest which allow visitors to view wildlife from the water.

There are various international flights to The Congo and from Brazzaville it’s two hours by light aircraft to MBoko Airstrip for Lango Camp and a two hour drive from there by road to Ngaga Camp. OR you can fly to Ollombo then drive 6-7 hours to Odzala.   No children under 14 years are allowed and there are no family rooms at any camps. Guests should be reasonably fit and able to walk about 5-8 km per day and be prepared for very challenging logistics! 

Other parks and reserves in The Congo include Ile Mbamou Island, Lefini Reserve, The Lesio Louna Gorilla Reserve (north of Brazzaville and dedicated to protecting Gorillas in the Congo), Nouabale-Ndoki National Park (largest and most remote of the country’s parks in the far north – currently closed Sept 2016) and the Tiger Fish Congo Camp.  There are also chances to see Gorillas in some of the other parks and we use Brazzaville as an entry point to the northern parks, travelling by road and up into Central African Republic. 

Ask us for more information and a tailor made quote for wildlife tours to Central and West Africa including the Lowland Gorillas of the Republic of Congo. 

I booked my trip in the UK through 'Travel With Jules' to avoid having to send large sums of money to a foreign bank account. Using a UK agent obviously adds to the cost, but I considered it well worth it for financial security, and certainty that there would actually be someone waiting for me when I stepped off the plane. I visited Lobeke National Park and Sangha Lodge in Dzanga Sanga National Park. Amazing sightings of forest wildlife including elephants, lowland Gorillas, sitatunga, Mangabeys, forest hogs and stunning bird life.
Andrew Sneddon – Cameroon & CAR (Feb 2017)
March 30, 2017

We just returned from a beautiful trip to Ethiopia, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for organising it and sorry for the late changes we made to the programme! Simien Mountains, Lalibela and Bale Mountains were beautiful as were the Gelada baboons, the Ibex, incredible amount of native birds and the Ethiopian wolf
Hera & Taco – Ethiopia (December 2015)
January 12, 2016

Jimmy was a fantastic guide, thank you Jules for getting him on the trip with us. Virunga lodge was a little paradise on earth with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, great food, lovely people that wanted to do anything for us, just amazing. We saw the gorillas on all 3 days - incredible!
Hera & Taco – Rwanda Gorilla trip (December 2014)
January 23, 2015

Julie's knowledge of wildlife tourism to Africa is nothing short of excellent, she always comes up with some gems of ideas that you would never think of or find for yourself!
Rich & Cheryl – Rwanda (November 2012)
December 15, 2012

To lift a business contact and develop the relationship into friendship takes a special talent and creates an important bond with the customer. It has been a pleasure for me to deal with someone so proficient in her expertise as Julie.
Wilf Graham
July 4, 2011

One of the things I have come to love about you, Jules, is that you listen and take on board what makes me tick, and then tailor the holiday to fit me, not just try to convince me to fit a holiday in a brochure!
Ian Furbank
June 30, 2011

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