Friends of Jules

Travel With Jules opened it’s doors in 2011 and through the last few years I could not have grown the company to what it is today without the help of some very great friends and colleagues!

John Spencer is my ‘sleeping dragon’ and has supported me endlessly behind the scenes, listening to all my worries and problems!  (He also enjoys coming with me to ‘check out’ new holiday destinations of course!).

Tim and Mandy Henshall from Kamili Safaris were really supportive in my first year of business and have helped me develop relationships with many of their lodges and safari operators in my beloved Africa!

I’ve had help in the office from Sarah Moss and am now assisted by my ‘right hand woman’ Mags Reed who controls the flight deck in my absence and is Travel With Jules’ version of Michael Palin (I think she’s been to as many countries!)

The local business network in Suffolk has been invaluable since the start connecting me to everything from accountants to photographers! I have developed great relationships with people through Coastalnet and WiRE in particular. These contacts include my computer support from Nigel Poore of Poorly PC (who I’m sure lets out a massive sigh every time he hears me at the end of the phone with the latest computer associated equipment which I’ve managed to break!) and Sue Hall my network WiRE leader who has always championed my success to the other ladies of WiRE nationally and helped me through the lows as well as the highs!

In 2015 this website has been completely revised and updated and a HUGE thank you goes to Mike Flowers of Web Management who literally worked through the night on the site for weeks to get things in the right place and helped us learn how to use SEO properly and get our business back on track!

We work closely with many tour operators who have become friends, including Western & Oriental (especially Nikhil) and Somak Holidays (Amanda) in particular.

And before I thank ‘everyone else who knows me’ I must acknowledge my parents for giving me the unusual upbringing that lead me on my path to travel through my early family holidays in bogs and wetlands birdwatching and climbing trees!  My parents Tony & Eileen and sister Lynn Hamer have been fabulous support through the last few years (and of course been on a few of our holidays too!).

If you would like to read more about Travel With Jules, my background and how it all works head to the ‘About’ page and read on ….